February 25, 2024

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Image: Sledgehammer Games

The fear of eternal damnation and flames can be paralyzing, so let’s put that in a gun! How to unlock the Rotten Inferno Camo in Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3: Rotten Inferno Camo – How to obtain it

The Rotten Inferno is a seasonal camo that’s available for Modern Warfare 3 Season 2! If you’ve played previous seasons of MW3, you know that a season camo is the long-term reward for completing Weekly Challenges. Every week you will receive a new set of Weekly Challenges. Play your favorite game mode, such as Multiplayer, Zombies or Battle Royale, to receive the Weekly Reward. This is usually a blueprint, or an aftermarket component.

You must complete 5 Weekly Challenges to receive these rewards. You will need to complete all these rewards in order to receive the Rotten Inferno for the entire Season, which lasts eight weeks. You will have to complete 40 Weekly Challenges across the entire Season. Don’t worry, if you fail to get a Weekly Reward, you can retroactively complete it in future weeks. Here’s a list with all the Season 2 Week 1 Challenges.

MW3 Multiplayer Week 1 Challenges

Weekly Challenge Reward
Get 30 Operator Kills with Suppressed Recommended Marksman Rifles 1000 XP
Get 20 Operator 1 Shot 1 Kills with Recommended Shotguns 5000 XP
Get 15 Operator Quickscope Kills with Recommended Snipers 5000 XP
Get 7 Operator Double Kills with Recommended Battle Rifles 5000 XP
Get 5 Operator Triple Kills with Recommended Assault Rifles 7500 XP
Get 5 Operator Longshot Kills with an 8x or Greater Magnification Scope Equipped to a Recommended Weapon 7500 XP
Get 3 Operator Collateral Kills with Recommended Sniper Rifles 10000 XP

MW3 Zombies Week 1 Challenges

Weekly Challenge Reward
Get 200 Kills with a Recommended Marksman Rifle with Cryofreeze Active 2500 XP
Get 250 1 Shot Kills with a Recommended Shotgun 5000 XP
Get 5 Rapid Kills 15 times with a Recommended Battle Rifle 5000 XP
Get 100 Kills with a Scoped Recommended Sniper 5000 XP
Get 10 Kills without being hit 20 times with a Recommended Assault Rifle 7500 XP
Get 5 Mangler Kills with a Recommended Weapon 7500 XP
Get 25 Critical Mercenary Kills with a Recommended Weapon 10000 XP

MW3 Battle Royal Season 1 Week 1 challenges

Weekly Challenge Reward
In Warzone Urzikstan, Get 10 Operator Kills in the North-West Region (Resort, Power, Seaport, Cargo) 5000 XP
In Warzone Urzikstan, Get 10 Operator Kills in the Eastern Region (Military Base or Farms) 7500 XP
In Warzone Urzikstan, Get 10 Operator Kills in the Southern Region (City, Suburbs, Manor) 5000 XP
In Warzone Urzikstan, Get 10 Operator Kills in the Central Region (Old Town, Low Town) 7500 XP
In Warzone, place in the top 10 5 times 10000 XP
In Warzone, complete 15 Contracts 5000 XP
In Warzone, open 50 Loot Caches 2500 XP
Modern Warfare 3 Rotten Inferno Camo
Image: Sledgehammer Games

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Visit the Weekly Challenges tab to track your progress from week to week. If you have done everything correctly, Rotten Inferno is yours when Season 2 closes. Good luck!

If you’re new to the game, make sure you learn everything there is to know. How to get all Season 2 Modern Warfare 3 Weapons.

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